No Coding

Quickly create rich and immersive experiences without coding.


AR experiences can be viewed in Android and iOS devices.


Interact with the AR experiences and add event actions, 3D shapes, images, videos, quizzes, location-based content and many more.

Where can I use ARTutor?

ARTutor is a domain-independent platform that can be used in many fields.

What content can I add as augmentation to my AR Experiences.




YouTube Videos

3D Models

URL links

Share AR experiences with 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Register for free or login if you have already registered.

Only registered users can create an AR Experience.

Step 2

Create an AR Experience in the ARTutor Web platform.

Use images, videos, sounds and models to add augmentations to each scene.

Alternatively, use AR Experience editor to make complex and interactive scenes.

Step 3

View the AR experience using the ARTutor mobile application and share it with everyone.

The mobile application is free for Android devices that support ARCore.

The mobile application is free for iOS devices that support ARKit.

No registration is needed in the mobile application

Build complex 3D scenes, using the AR Experience editor

Build complex scenes to be used as augmentations

Add images, videos and 3D models to the scene

Add shapes such as Planes, Boxes, Spheres, Cones and Cylinders.

See the final result in the ARTutor mobile application

Get the ARTutor mobile application

Available for all Android devices that support ARCore

If the application is not available for your device at Google Play, you can download it from here

Available for all iOS devices that support ARKit.

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We organize several webinars in order to promote ARTutor in education.

Our goal is to present the ARTutor platform to educators and other interested parties.

After each Webinar, participants can easily:

  • Manage the ARTutor Web platform environment.
  • Create their own AR Experiences (books) using their own material.
  • Install the ARTutor mobile application in their device and view their first AR Experience.

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