The iPEAR (Inclusive Peer Learning with Augmented Reality Apps) is european project KA2 , with 36 months duration and 336,536 budget. The project combines collaborative expertise of technology-enhanced learning researchers, computer scientists, and educators to build a strategic partnership to streamline the adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in educational practice.

The project will create innovative open educational resources for educators that help implement and integrate active and collaborative learning pedagogical approaches supported by AR. This will enrich the teaching practice and support inclusive, peer to peer learning relevant to the requirements and preferences of the students.

The main objectives of the project are to:

  1. Map the educational use of AR, focusing on collaborative and peer learning approaches
  2. Facilitate the adoption of AR in education by creating open access teaching and learning material for educators
  3. Create and maintain a community of experts in educational AR and other stakeholders that will ensure sustainability of the project and keep the most useful results up-to-date

The ARTutor platform is one of the 8 tools that are proposed in the iPEAR project for educational use.  It is important to note that ARTutor is the only FREE platform available for educators.

More information on the iPEAR project can be found at