ARTutor was introduced and utilized in the short training program Online Training Program on Immersive Technologies for Education, under the Erasmus+ program  Immersive Technologies for Education (ImTech4Ed)”, which focuses on the application of augmented and virtual reality technologies in STEAM education.

The training involved students, researchers, and teachers and was available remotely. It included asynchronous activities (eg educational content study, excercizes) and a total of 5 online meetings.

The training was attended by teachers of different STEAM domains and students from different study programs (computing, game design, arts, humanities & social sciences) in universities of various European countries (Cyprus, Greece, Germany). In this way the innovative content was combined with the possibility of cultivating “21st century skills” concerning creativity and the ability to operate and collaborate in heterogeneous groups.

The training took place between 28th February 2022 and 14th March 2022